The marriage proposal is one of the most special moments of the couple and the engagement ring is the jewel that represents the promise of marriage. Normally we wear it on the ring finger of the left hand as it was traditionally thought to be directly connected to the heart as a symbol of love.


The types of engagement rings available at Comaposada Joiers

There are different types of engagement rings and to know the most appropriate it is important to take into account the style, personality and lifestyle of the future bride. White gold engagement rings or simple engagement rings, you will find all kinds as detailed below:


Ring of greater or lesser thickness with a central stone set. The stone is usually a diamond and white gold the material. The solitaire is the most classic engagement ring of all.


A variation of the solitaire ring where the square shape of the diamond, called princess cut, makes it acquire a modern and unique air.


The rosette is a type of engagement ring with several precious stones grouped on its head to form a circle or flower. A setting that gives the feel of a large full diamond.

Half eternity

This type of engagement ring sets the middle of the arm of the band ring with diamonds in staple or rail format.

Eternity ring

An engagement ring set entirely with diamonds symbolizing eternity. Like the half eternity band ring, they can be set with staples or rail.

Halo ring

A ring with a central stone, much larger in size, surrounded by small diamonds.

Trilogy ring

Smooth alliance with 3 central gems that symbolize the past, present and future of the couple.


Values ​​and advantages of the engagement rings that you will find in Comaposada Joiers

In our jewelry store in the Gracia neighborhood we are here to help you choose the engagement ring in Barcelona that best suits your fiancée. We have a wide variety of models, from more classic rings to more modern options for all styles and also budgets.

Thanks to our experience and our commitment to the client, we will look for the option that best suits your needs.

We always work with quality materials and natural stones that are free from conflict zones, as well as we carry out an exhaustive control of all the processes that are carried out during the elaboration of a handmade jewel, from design, setting and finishing.

Each engagement ring is adjusted to the size of the fiancée, so we will also advise you on the choice of size.

We also make personalized engagement rings based on the idea, need or budget.

Tips for choosing engagement rings

There are many questions that arise at the time of taking the big step about what will be the ideal engagement ring for the couple. First of all, it is very important to go to a trusted site that gives us a sufficient guarantee to buy a quality ring.

Normally the engagement ring is usually made of white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. We recommend that the ring be made of 18k gold so that, if at any time you have to change the size, it can be done without problems.

As for the design, it is very important to think about your tastes and style. There are future brides who are very clear about what they would like, so they are already giving information about it. If this is not the case, we have to think if you are a minimalist, classic person or you like special and unique rings.

In any case, at Comaposada Joiers we can advise you on options for engagement rings based on your style and budget.

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Day and Night ring

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