MATÍS enamel necklace

Ref. MAT2E

Type: Necklace

MATÍS silver necklace with 18 kt gold plating with matte finish and stained glass enamel. The necklace has a central part with oval shapes and translucent enamel that represent the lights and colors of the representative stained glass windows of some of the emblematic buildings of Barcelona. A combination of colors that transcend from different shades of green, through varieties of blue and ending with the intensity of reddish tones, seeking the perfect balance.

A colorful but very balanced jewel to combine with any look.

Width of the enamelled part: 56mm

Total length of the necklace: 42cm

Jewelry desinged and made in Barcelona.

PVP 145,00€

Jewelry inspired by the shapes, light and colors of the stained glass windows that adorn the buildings of Barcelona. A balance of tones that, with the stained glass enamel, combine in perfect harmony.

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