CARBONIC bicolor necklace

Ref. CARB2

Type: Necklace

Two-tone 925mm sterling silver and 18k gold-plated silver pendant inspired by the world of cava.

The effervescent bubbles are projected in the texture of the jewel, the green of the peridot gem evokes the grape as the point of origin of cava production and the silver thread as a symbol of the vineyard trellis technique.

Pendant mesures: 17mm wide x 37mm long approximately.

Steel cables of 3 bicolor gold and silver 42cm and pressure closure.

Jewelry handcrafted and made in Barcelona.

PVP 195,00€

Collection inspired by the cava world. Jewelry collection ideal for all palates. Golden color, it releases a fine and persistent bubble. On the nose, it is citrusy and expressive, while on the taste, it is fresh and elegant. The perfect pairing for special occasions.

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